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The Library, the Cafeteria, and the Gym

  • All 3 spaces have:

    • Floor-to-ceiling windows

    • Abundant sunlight

    • Vaulted ceilings

    • Open, wood beam construction

    • Custom stonework and woodwork 

    • Air conditioning with precise temperature controls

    • Zone lighting

  • If you like, we can open the wall between the cafeteria and the gym so you have more space. 

  • All areas are near each other so guests can move between them.

The Library

Our library is 2,800 square feet and comfortably holds 120 people sitting at tables or 150 people sitting in rows. The stunning windows look over the woods.

baby shower venue
most beautiful venue

The Cafeteria & Stage

The cafeteria is 2,800 square feet and easily holds 120 people sitting at tables or 200 people in rows facing the stage. Your band or DJ may set up on the stage, and the real wood floors are great for dancing. We also have a 9-foot screen that rolls down at the front of the stage.

Wedding Tables
cafeteria party
Dance floor

The Gym

The gym is 5,500 square feet and holds 250 people sitting at tables. We also have 2 large locker rooms, carpeted bleachers, and an electronic scoreboard. The basketball court is the standard school size with six 10-foot hoops and two 8-foot adjustors. The ceiling is high enough to fit a tall bounce house, and really inspiring to look up at.

indoor sports

The Kitchen

Our commercial kitchen is OSHA-certified and has freezers, refrigerators, coolers, ovens, warmers, a stove, and a serving counter. We also have a family-style kitchen in two of the classrooms. 

professional kitchen
professional kitchen
kitchen for rent

The Sports Fields

Our outdoor area covers 20 acres with nature trails, one standard soccer field, one smaller soccer field, a baseball field with a backstop and benches, a gaga ball pit, tether ball, a giant sandbox, and two huge playgrounds.  You may rent our sports fields for any number of days.

soccer fields
Baseball for rent

The Classrooms

Most of our 14 classrooms are 1,400 square feet, each with a private bathroom, refrigerator, microwave, and outdoor deck. Our classrooms are perfect for youth group meetings, as dressing rooms for weddings, and as extra space for large events such as craft fairs.

art room for rent
spaces for rent
classrooms for rent
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