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Indoor Rates

You may rent 1 to 4 of our wonderful indoor spaces: the library, the cafeteria, the gym, and/or the big, commercial kitchen.​ 


Each indoor space costs $125 per hour. Renters commit to all of their indoor spaces for the same block of time. You may choose 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours.

For no additional charge, you may arrive one hour before your event to set up your decorations, and you may stay one hour after your event to take down your decorations. 

Indoor Rates
1 Space
2 Spaces
3 Spaces
4 Spaces
1 hour
2 hours
4 hours
8 hours

Outdoor Rates

At Eagle Creek, one soccer field or baseball field is $80 per hour. Two fields is $160 per hour.

Consistent renters pay $150 per month for the port-a-potty. 

Everyone in your group may use the sandbox and playground for no extra charge. Fun!

Baseball field

Additional Costs

More than one hour to set up your decorations is $75 per hour, and more than one hour to take down your decorations is $75 per hour.

​Adding the stage when you rent the cafeteria is $75 per event. 


​Adding the 9-foot, pull-down screen when you rent the cafeteria is $25 per event.

Adding the stove or oven when you rent the kitchen is $25 each per event. We do not rent the fryer.

​Adding the electronic scoreboard when you rent the gym is $25 per event.

Please talk to us about snowplowing and salting. :)

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